Deep Sea Fishing in Manzanillo, Mexico
in Manzanillo, Mexico for Trophy

Ocean Pacific Adventures, sport fishing specialists in Manzanillo, Mexico

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Flying a marlinOCEAN PACIFIC ADVENTURES offers the beginner and experienced angler deep sea fishing action in the "Sailfish Capital of the World"! Owners Sam and Marilyn Short have been running fishing charters for 10 years and have placed in many of the fishing tournaments held annually. Their personalized service and expertise is well known in Manzanillo. Ocean Pacific Adventures has the only boats that will "catch and release" if you desire.

A Marlin up to the boatIT TAKES AN EXPERIENCED CAPTAIN to help you catch your trophy fish, and OPA's men are the best in their field. They live to fish, just like you!  All are "old pros" in Manzanillo's blue waters, and speak excellent English.

OPA's CHARTER BOATS undergo rigid annual inspections and feature the latest in marine navigation and fish finding equipment.

Our comfortable cruiser40-ft. MOTOR CRUISER, a large twin-diesel powered craft, holds 10 people, and has plenty of comfortable seating, both in and out of the sun.  Sheltered cabin, where you find ice cold beer and soft drinks, head. 5-hour trip includes all licenses, fees and permits, lines and tackle.

Our spry 28 footer28-ft. COMPACT CABIN CRUISER, built for up to 5 people. Sheltered cabin, head, cold beer and soft drinks included, along with all licenses, fees, permits, lines and tackle.


flagwaving.gif (4177 bytes)A friendly, experienced and licensed captain and crew that work for you! Deep sea fishing is not just another job to our dedicated young men, so tips are cheerfully accepted when you haul in the BIG ONE!

flagwaving.gif (4177 bytes)If you're a beginner, you'll receive complete instructions of the proper technique for fighting deep sea game fish, including sailfish, marlin, dorado, rooster fish, tuna and amberjacks.

flagwaving.gif (4177 bytes)If you're an experienced angler, we have everything on board to get you lots of fishing action, and a fighting chair to make it easy to haul in your trophy.

flagwaving.gif (4177 bytes)We cater to women who'd like to learn the sport. Sportfishing is not just a "guy thing." Owner Marilyn Short holds the Manzanillo record for the largest marlin ever caught--653 lbs.!

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NICE sail, young lady!

Ya think we can get this in the car?

Marlin and Marilyn!

Other considerations:

  • As you might expect, it is often cooler on the ocean than it is on land. Dress in layers, from a light jacket for early morning, to your bathing suit for mid-day sun. Wear rubber-soled shoes or sneakers, and remember to bring sunscreen, a hat, camera, extra film, sunglasses, cool-cup holder, your favorite cassette tapes, and a sack lunch, if desired.

  • If you're prone to seasickness, "sea bands" are available, or take a standard anti-nausea medication an hour before you board. Avoid heavy drinking the night before. The pitch and roll of the ocean can make you feed the fish, and we already have a supply of bait on board!

  • If you choose to keep your catch, it will be prepared for you at the famous Colima Bay Cafe restaurant. Bring your friends!

  • Our deep sea fishing charters leave only from the La Perlita dock in downtown Manzanillo. When you confirm your reservations, you'll be given a map and directions on how to find us.

  • On many occasions you'll be rewarded by seeing whales (January through March), or by watching dolphins play tag with the boat. You'll see lots of sea birds, such as frigates, pelicans, booby birds, and sea ducks.

  • Customized charters are our specialty, so if you have a particular need, let us know and we'll be happy to accommodate you.

  • If you'd like your trophy fish mounted, we work with a Mexican company who ships to the U.S. and Canada. Once you've caught the BIG ONE, ask us for details.

Ocean Pacific

Call/FAX from the USA & Canada: 011-52-314-335-0605

Cellular: 011-52-1-314-357-0717

When in Manzanillo, call: 335-0605 (office) or 044-314-357-0717 (cellular).

When in Mexico call: 01-314-335-0605 or cellular 045-314-357-0717

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