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Manzanillo's love affair with deep sea fishing began with the first Sailfishing Tournament in 1956.

Manzanillo is the sailfish capital of the world. More sailfish (billfish, to some) and marlin have been caught in Manzanillo than anywhere else on the planet.

Manzanillo offers another advantage: While boats at other ports must travel 2 or 3 hours to find sailfish, here it is only necessary to travel 10-15 minutes from the departure point.

Sailfish and dorado are found in the waters off Manzanillo during every season of the year, while marlin and tuna are generally in the area from November to March.

A national tournament is held in February and an international tournament in November.

Ghost fishermen?

Not really.
Your smiling face could be here next to this monster marlin.

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