Director of Public Security prepares for Spring Break

Gustavo Jiménez, director of Public Security and Traffic in Manzanillo said that by the Easter holidays coordinated operations to ensure security at the events will be in effect.

He said signals and signs will be installed for all tourists who do not know how to navigate the roads of the port, to avoid possible car accidents. He added that the police have been instructed to have tolerance for violations that are generated by ignoring the use and operation of the main streets of the port.

Jimenez pointed out that because of the high influx of tourists expected for Easter, the city is forced to increase transit (bus and taxi) services.

He added that maintaining order is important, but often the question comes up of whether you can drink alcohol in public. The police will not deny this benefit to tourist coming to Manzanillo, but will be very attentive to keep the order, and ensure safety.

Source: Radio Levy, Manzanillo (