From hundreds of hikes, we have selected a wide variety of routes, some challenging and strenuous, some more leisurely.

Our hikes vary from 2-4 hours, and our 2 guides per trip allow for faster or slower paces. On many days there are also choices of longer or shorter, harder or more gentle trails. This enables us to accommodate people of all ages and hiking experience from the seasoned to the first time hiker! 

Our groups are small and personal (around 10 people per trip) and our experienced guides are always eager to share their love and knowledge of the natural world.

Would you enjoy:
  • Following a winding trail along a rocky coastline
  • Reaching a scenic mountaintop vista with a 360 view of Manzanillo and the Pacific Ocean
  • Exploring tree-lined country lanes and historic roads
  • Following trails through the jungle where spider monkeys siesta in the trees, and exotic birds fly overhead
  • Discovering meadows carpeted with wildflowers and berries
  • Swimming in secluded lakes, rivers and beneath waterfalls
  • Visiting picturesque villages far from the beaten track
  • Having close encounters with various farm animals from bulls to burros

Coco Loco Tours offers all this and more as we explore some of the best places to walk and hike in the state of Colima, all within a few miles of Manzanillo.

We have done all the research for you. We have sought out the best trails, both long and short, challenging and gentle. We have walks for you, we have hikes. Whether it's five miles along winding roads you desire or a steeper ascent to a rocky peak, we have both. We always have two guides per trip to accommodate both slower and faster walkers and to appeal to the casual but enthusiastic walker as well as the experienced hiker. 

For more information on specific trips, click on the links below.

Las Juntas Creek

La Cruz

El Corazon

La Laguna

Levels of hiking: We do not rate individual trips for difficulty as on all trips we have two guides and on occasion three, to allow for different abilities. On each day we try to offer an easy/moderate hike as well as a more challenging option. People who choose the easier option may well be walking on fairly level and easy paths or country lanes. A moderate hike would involve 2-3 miles on terrain that may include rocks and roots, and with elevation gains up to about 800 feet. Hikers who choose harder routes should expect up to 4-6 miles with greater elevation changes. There are some hikes, such as the trail along Las Juntas creek, that offer the hiker a choice of a short walk to the first waterfall and pool, or he can continue on to the second waterfall and pool. Really ambitious hikers can trek on to a third stopping place, and the strong and hardy can continue the climb up to the spot deep in the jungle where the rivers merge.

What to bring: Hiking boots or tennis shoes; camera, binoculars, towel, sunscreen, hat, daypack. Even a well-behaved dog on a leash is welcome. Water and snacks provided. Sorry, we cannot accommodate special dietary requirements, but feel free to bring along your favorite food items.

What we bring: Plenty of water, first aid kit, snacks, such as granola bars, chips & cookies, day packs with insulated coolers (if needed), one pair of binoculars, insect repellent.

About us: Susan Dearing, a 17-year resident of Manzanillo has explored the backcountry of the state for years, and has written the only tourist guidebook about the area. She has selected 4 of the most interesting spots she knows. Not offered on any other tour, you can be assured that you will see places off the beaten path no other tourist has ever seen before.

Our goals: Coco Loco Tours  and their naturalist guides believe in being as "ecologically correct" as possible. Colima has some of the most beautiful, untouched ecosystems in Mexico, and we hope you'll enjoy learning about the nature and history of the area. In order to not put a burden on the ecosystems, we will only take small groups of people making it also possible for our travelers to receive personal attention from our guides.

Every trip is different because of the time of year, the group and, most importantly, spontaneity. Our trips are about exploring. Colima's lakes, waterfalls, lagoons and rivers make up a vast network of intricate waterways that always surprise us with new discoveries. Whichever hike you select, you'll be fascinated.


IS THERE ANYTHING OUT THERE THAT CAN HURT ME? We have never encountered anything on the trails that is threatening. If you don't bother it, it won't bother you.

WHAT ABOUT MOSQUITOES? Some people are mosquito magnets! For most people, they are not a problem, but just in case you have a "magnetic" personality, we bring insect repellent.

YOU HAVE PHOTOS OF CROCODILES. SHOULD I WORRY? There are crocs in the lagoons, and they are very shy. The photos were taken with a telephoto. They are more afraid of us than we should be of them. When they see us, they are gone in a hurry.

MY HOBBY IS PHOTOGRAPHY. CAN I TAKE PHOTOS? Photography is the primary reason we offer these tours. Feel free to take as many photos as you wish. We've got plenty of time.

I'M NOT AS NIMBLE AS I USED TO BE, BUT I REALLY WANT TO KEEP ACTIVE. WHICH TOUR IS BEST FOR ME? The lagoon tour, "La Laguna," and "Las Juntas" are very easy and relatively flat. You have several places where you can take a break and rest.

I WANT A CHALLENGING HIKE. WHAT DO YOU RECOMMEND? "La Cruz" is a good way to get exercise, especially if you visit the beaches. Also on "El Corazon" and "Las Juntas," you can continue on beyond the regular trail, and the hiking becomes more of a challenge. We're up for whatever you're up for.

YOU SAID I CAN BRING MY DOG. HOW DOES THAT WORK? Assuming your mascot is well behaved, responds to commands, and is not aggressive toward people or other pets, he or she is welcome. You may have noticed "Sandy" (the poodle in the photos) enjoys hiking (and swimming). If you'd like to bring your pet, and we have other people in the group that are not affiliated with you or your group, we'll check with them and make sure they don't mind. We have found that most people love animals, and enjoy the camaraderie of having an animal cavorting around. If you hate pets or have an allergy, we will schedule a trip without "man's best friend" tagging along.

Refund Policy: Because we have limited the amount of people we take on our trips, and we have many accessories to pack, we will only refund due to bad weather. Since the sun shines here 350 days of the year, you are virtually assured the trip will not be cancelled. Though it rains every 4-5 days in the summer months, the rain is usually light. It normally never rains in the mornings when the tour is conducted. If there is lightning during a morning rain, however unlikely, we will cancel the tour. Though we have not had a hurricane since 1959, if there is one we will cancel the tour! If you cannot make the trip, for any reason--illness, hangover--ship changed date or time--you may reschedule on another date. Remember, we must act responsibly to ensure your safety and enjoyment of the tour. (In other words, we will not be out drinking all night; we will be "good girls and boys" the night before to be sure you are taken care of, so we expect you to respect us by doing the same.)

If you have any questions about the hiking or about a specific trip, please don't hesitate to contact us.

What better way to experience the outdoors than to join one of our guided hiking tours!

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