El Corazon (The Heart): A wonder of nature.

The winding creek leading to a heart-shaped pool known as "El Corazon" is clear and bubbling, and filled with small eddies and waterfalls. Gray and black volcanic water-worn rock domes conceal pools deep enough to dive in. Within these valleys and canyons, clear streams run over bedrock and pour into pools. Walls overhang a stream lined with tall trees. In places, inner canyons of narrows twist between the massive larger walls. Our El Corazon hike takes about 25 minutes, but we stop along the way to cool off in one of the clear pools. Once to Corazon, you can enjoy a ride down a natural slide, soak in a pool shaped like a heart, and visit a small, but deep hole in the rock filled with our batty flying friends.

Every trip is different because of the time of year, the group and, most importantly, spontaneity. Our trips are about exploring. Colima's lakes and rivers make up a vast network of intricate waterways that always surprise us with new discoveries.

This hike is not difficult, but you will be crawling over a few large, yet smooth boulders that can be slippery at times. Our guides are always there to lend you a hand, and we offer you bamboo walking staffs for added support and balance.

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Duration: 3-4 hours    Departure time: 9 a.m.    Price: $45

Coco Loco Tours

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